I am a graduate student in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and a lot of what’s on here comes out of or feeds into my schoolwork and research. This blog would fall into the “organize your thoughts” category, to flesh out ideas about elements in popular culture, East Asian cultures and societies, media, and the arts, and to provide links to these topics.

It’s not a part of any collective or anything, and since I have a lot of schoolwork there’s unfortunately no update schedule either, but I appreciate any subscriptions. This blog is partner to Ideogrammatica, a more journal-oriented blog. Apologies for the increasing length of the posts here – being a grad student has severely skewed what I think of as a digestible piece of writing. Kudos to those who can sit through them (please, take frequent bathroom breaks and have snacks handy), even more kudos to those who comment – I do hope to get discussions going.

To paraphrase Henry Jenkins, professor and media and pop culture theorist, the internet allows everyone to be an author, artist, or performer. There is less and less expertise attached to physical publishing and more and more prestige accorded to grassroots and individual efforts. the ghost is no longer in the machine, because the ghost can be displayed in any machine. I give my ghost to the ether.


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