Bystander Apathy in China and Other Social Ills: Epilogue (Student Essay)

I’ve pretty much said everything I wanted to say in the last 4 posts, but a couple of weeks ago a student handed in a rather insightful essay which includes a part about his views on China, which I thought wraps things up somewhat. The rest of his essay was actually about horror movies, so I am not going to include the whole thing. It was an assignment for a course I’m teaching in China that compares Chinese and Western popular films (the name of the course is something like Comparative Contemporary Literature in Chinese and English, which very few English teachers can actually teach, so films was the best I could do for it. I’m probably going to do a couple of postings on Chinese films later).

The last part of the essay (with translations of Chinese words but no changes otherwise):


The Eye has unique Oriental culture feeling, the ghosts in it tend to suffer from the same pain day after day, because they have wills unaccomplished, they all stick to them, so they cannot escape and get relieved from these unfinished wills. In The Sixth Sense, Cole Sear think they do not know they themselves already died, they cannot see each other, they can only see what they desire to meet.

As for me, there are many thoughts after watching the two movies. In The Eye, the words Ying Ying said to Mun, “This world is beautiful” is the base of the movie. No matter whether humans or ghosts we are, we have to live, the earth still moves without anyone. In my point of view, there are also many ghosts in our real society, no more than they just wear human beings’ surface. In this country or under this extreme system, people who want to take off must avoid anything about humanness. Actually, people in this country have no right to express ourselves freely especially opinions against people in office. Something really common in other countries seem ridiculous and impossible here like believing in religion. For this, you can imagine how come there are so many conflicts in Tibet and so many Tibetans kill themselves, the truth is badly contorted by them who seem so justicial. Faith is rubbish or garbage in this country. Communism with Chinese character is strongly against and ruin religion. I’m just a common university student, I have little influence. But I really hope our nation can be normal, just a normal society, not a strong country seemingly. Luckily, I will go to the U.S. after graduation, I hope my nation can be a normal nation. Thank you for your patience for such long. I have said too much, they’re just some real thoughts from me, I believe what I’ve said can stand for tens of millions of Chinese who know the truth.


3 thoughts on “Bystander Apathy in China and Other Social Ills: Epilogue (Student Essay)

  1. Alas, normal is rather subjective, and by god I hope China doesn’t settle for mediocrity (mostly likely what he was talking about), it’s got so much that make more sense than typical American values.

  2. There’s really no such thing as a “normal” nation, but I seriously hope China doesn’t settle for mediocrity, they have ideas even the US could learn from, despite all the things wrong with its philosophy currently.

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